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Golden postbox for our

golden girl!

Maidenhead has its own golden postbox to celebrate the 3 Gold medals won by 24 yr old Sophie Christiansen in the Paralympic equestrian events at Greenwich Park. Sophie, who was born in Ascot and lives in Maidenhead, takes her place alongside rower Katherine Gainger MBE, who won the Women’s Double Sculls Olympic rowing event at Dorney on 3 August along with her rowing partner Anna Watkins.

All at the Maidenhead Heritage Centre pass on our congratulations and good wishes to Sophie and Katherine, and to all the other local athletes who took part in London 2012. They all become part of Maidenhead’s sporting heritage, taking their place alongside Bert Bushnell, Richard Burnell, Sir Stirling Moss and many more.

Photos below show the golden postbox at the junction of High Street and Park Street- within sight of Maidenhead Heritage Centre!

Next is Sophie Christiansen celebrating her third gold medal at Greenwich Park (photo EPA)

Third are Katherine Grainger and her partner Anna Watkins proudly showing off their gold medals at Eton Dorney on August 3rd.




Grandma Flew Spitfires!

"Hitler would have been worried!" Entry in our visitor book on 19 September from Mrs G F from London after flying our simulator.

"Brilliant! Kind, helpful and considerate volunteers" Entry from Mr L B of Bury (Lancs) on 20 September

We are open from 10am to 4pm, Tuesday to Saturday. If you are coming specifically to fly the Spitfire simulator, please phone to check that it is fully serviceable - Call 01628 780555 Pre-booking strongly advised.

You can fly a Spitfire simulator, just like the intrepid men and women of ATA! Watch video > Grandma Flew Spitfires at Maidenhead Heritage Centre is home to one of the world's largest collections of ATA memorabilia.

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Faith Bennet
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