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A small selection of photographs from the ATA archive is included here. The collection includes photographs of about 600 of ATA’s 1245 aircrew. If you would like to donate a photo or are looking for a specific photograph, please contact us.

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ATA people – Men

1 R Vic Baxter Jones – 1st officer
2 Ed Heering (USA) appointed CO of

No 10 Ferry Pool at Lossiemoouth

ATA people – women

3 Ann Wood, from Massachusetts USA. Delivered 900 aircraft of 75 different types.

Served at Ratcliffe

4 June Howden (New Zealnd) at Brize Norton
5 Hazel Raines (USA) and Jackie Sorour (S Africa) at Brize Norton
6 Jackie Sorour (South Africa)
7 Maggie Frost
8 Freydis Leaf Sharland

ATA people – groups

1 Women at Hamble, 1944
2 Whitchurch November 1942
3 HQ Senior Staff, Heads of Ferry Pools 1942
4 Flight Engineers at White Waltham 1943
5 The first 8 ladies to join ATA, 1 January 1940
6 Malcolm R, Fairweather D, Kempster J, Ellis H in 1941

ATA places – ferry pools

Ferry Pools in 1942 in the ‘mature’ ATA. Airfields in italics are no longer active.

We would be pleased to hear from anyone who can supply wartime photographs to fill in the gaps in our collection.

1 No.1 White Waltham
2 No.1 White Waltham Pageant, 30th September 1945
3 No.1 White Waltham HQ
4 No.1 White Waltham Advanced Flying Training School
5 No.1 White Waltham 1945
6 No.1 White Waltham Ferry Pool
7 No.1 White Waltham – Tea on the Terrace
8 No.2 Whitchurch
9 No.2 Whitchurch – German Games
1 No.2 Whitchurch
3 No.3 Hawarden, near Chester on Google Earth
4 No.4 Prestwick ATA’s first office
5 No.4 Prestwick ferry pool – modern view of the airfield
6 No.5 Luton (later moved to Thame) – modern view of Luton Airport
7 No.5 Thame – Dinner at Dinton Hall
8 No.5 Thame Ferry Pool
9 No.5 Thame Ferry Pool (from GoogleEarth)
1 No.6 Ratcliffe, near Leicester
2 No.6 Ratcliffe, near Leicester
3 No.6 Ratcliffe dispersal – count the types!
4 No.6 Ratcliffe – Ratcliffe Hall
5 No.6 Ratcliffe – Ratcliffe Hall – painting in Crew Room byyRosamund Everard Steenkamp
6 No.6 Ratcliffe in 2005
7 No.7 Sherburn-in-Elmet, near Leeds
8 No.7 Sherburn-in-Elmet, near Leeds
9 No.7 Sherburn-in-Elmet, near Leeds
10 No.8 Sydenham, Belfast
11 No.8 Sydenham, Belfast. Stirling bombers and Sunderland flying boats were built here
12 No.9 Aston Down, near Stroud (modern view).  In 1944 designated as “invasion pool”
13 No.10 Lossiemouth, near Inverness (Luftwaffe photo)
14 No.10 Lossiemouth, near Inverness
15 No.12 Cosford, near Wolverhampton
16 No.12 Cosford – Time for Tea.  CO Marion Wilberforce on left
17 No.14 Ringway, near Manchester
18 No.14 Ringway (Manchester International)
19 No.15 Hamble, near Southampton. Opened as all women pool in September 1941
20 No.16 Kirkbride, near Carlisle, the last pool to be opened
21 No.16 Kirkbride – general view
22 No.16 Kirkbride, near Carlisle

Barton-in-the-Clay, Bedfordshire, was used for ab initio training of ATA pilots, as a sub-section of No. 5 Ferry Pool, which became the ‘Training Pool’ at Thame

Grandma Flew Spitfires!

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